creat naija partners with oyo state

We are pleased to announce, Creat Creativity Limited (“Trademark: Creat Naija”) and The Office of the Special Assistant to the Governor, Oyo State Government have formally entered into a Media and Branding partnership on Tuesday, 8th September, 2020. Creat Naija.

Oyo state is a south-western inland state with the 5th largest population in the country after Kano, Lagos, Kaduna and Katsina states. The capital city, Ibadan, is the largest city in West Africa and the second largest in Africa after Cairo. It also accounts for a teeming number of talented youths.

About Creat Naija

Creat Naija is a pan-African independent business entity that cross-fertilizes fine blends of technology, strategy, innovation, craft and intuition to provide practical and sustainable developmental solutions to business problems and challenges with the key ingredient being – Creativity.

It consists of a team of young vibrant creatives spread across Nigeria offering services to business owners and corporations in order to achieve desired results.

Creat!NG is acclaimed to be Africa’s 1st creativity “record label”, as we do not only provide solutions for client brands but look to groom, develop and nurture a stellar creative community of energetic, talented and passionate youths and create an enabling environment to spotlight their gifts to the world. We build partnerships that are tailored to each particular partner’s requirements, and may include:

  • Marketing collaborations
  • Client base development
  • Press campaigns and hospitality
  • Conceptual branding and nationwide brand activations

The singular alliance is geared towards boosting government – citizen media relations with the following noteworthy goals;

  • Crisis Communication and Management
  • Citizen Engagement
  • Budget Ease
  • Creative Education

Creat Naija with the needed resources at her disposal will effectuate youth involvement and creative lifestyle adoption throughout the state through empowerment programs and creative education. This partnership is the way forward, as Creat Naija is prepared to create hands-on systems and methods that work towards the surround development of Oyo state.

Find other pictures from the official signing below:


Yussuf September 10, 2020

Higher we go 🚀🦾

Oluwatosin September 10, 2020

Wow. Creat is taking big strides. 👏👏👏👏

Samuel September 11, 2020

Higher we go in Jesus name

Samuel September 11, 2020

So great, higher we go

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